The Witcher 3: PS5 physical versions and Xbox Series cheap ?

The Witcher 3: PS5 physical versions and Xbox Series cheap ?

The Witcher 3 originally released in 2015 on PS5, Xbox One, and PC, then on Nintendo Switch, and while the game was a huge hit, not everyone got to try it out. On the occasion of the release of the big new gen patch on PS5 and Xbox Series, CD Projekt thought that a re-release of its game would not be too much, the opportunity or never to embark on the adventure. On the other hand, make a cross on the small bonuses.

The Witcher 3 returns in physical version, but nothing else

Whether The Witcher 3 is already available on online stores in its new gen version, the Polish studio also intends to please players who swear by the boxed version of their favorite games.

The Witcher 3 will therefore have the right to a reissue in physical version from January 26, 2023 on PS5 and Xbox Series. New editions that will include all the latest updates, all DLC released to date, and even free content brought with the new gen patch, such as equipment inspired by the Netflix series The Witcher.

But these new editions of The Witcher 3 – Complete Edition will not be entitled to the little goodies that could be found in the old physical versions of the base game, not even those of the full version released a few years later. No small cardboard box, downloadable bonuses or small map of the world, for this release, CD Projekt is satisfied with the bare minimum, as he declares at Insider Gaming.

CD PROJEKT RED is planning a physical release of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Complete Edition due late January 2023. It will be available on both PS5 and Xbox Series. The box will include a disc containing the base game and the Heart of Stone and Blood and Wine expansions. All official DLCs and upgrades released over the past seven years by CD PROJEKT RED will also be part of this bundle, including the free new gen update, featuring dozens of improvements. But the box will only contain the aforementioned disc.

CD Project via Insider Gaming

Small disappointment then, but if you haven’t yet had time to embark on the latest adventures of the witcher, this could still be the perfect opportunity to try the experience. The license, meanwhile, is preparing its big comeback with no less than three new games. One The Witcher 4 is expected in the coming years, followed by a remake of the very first episode launched in 2007. As a bonus, a still completely unknown game is in development and should be released in between.
We will still be able to play the witchers for a good while.

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