The Witcher 3: a totally unexpected collector’s item is coming soon

The Witcher 3: a totally unexpected collector's item is coming soon

Because it’s not just LEGOs that matter, The Witcher 3 has teamed up with MEGA Construx to offer a collector’s set.

Walking on the toes of LEGO, MEGA Construx is a brand of build-it-yourself toys and collectibles, owned by Mattel. Like its competitor, MEGA has for years multiplied collaborations with famous video game licenses such as Halo or Pokémon to offer a whole bunch of collectible toys. The firm is now tackling The Witcher 3.

It’s not LEGO The Witcher 3, but MEGA

In turn, therefore, CD Projekt lends itself to the game of partnership and has just announced the imminent arrival of a collector’s set in the colors of shas flagship license. Timely news as the game prepares to receive its famous PS5 patch and Xbox Series from December of this year.
According to the first visual, the MEGA pack The Witcher 3 will allow you to stage the famous witcher facing a griffin.

Other packs may be in the game, but for now, CD Projekt has contented itself with a little teasing to make the sauce go up.
For now, no price or release date have yet been shared, but it won’t be long.
In the meantime, you can already take a look to previous collaborations of the brand to see what it offers. There is something for all budgets.

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