The Witcher 3: a first look at the free DLC of the Netflix series

CD Projekt RED unveils first look at Netflix DLC that will arrive for free in The Witcher 3 with the release of the PS5 versions and Xbox Series of the RPG.

On December 14, The Witcher 3 will get a makeover on PS5, Xbox Series and pc. A free upgrade for all those who already own the game, which will offer its share of improvements both in terms of graphics and gameplay. However, Switch and generation console players will also have the right to new content: the DLC around the Netflix series.

What will be the contents of the Netflix DLC of The Witcher 3?

The Witcher 3 PS5 & Xbox Series showed itself in all its glory this week. The opportunity for fans to discover the whole panoply of changes that await them soon. Ray tracing, improved textures, tweaked gameplay, photo mode, the arguments abound and the first video comparison is clear: the result is very nice. If these new features will not be reserved for PC players and current-gen consoles, those who have remained on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch will also benefit from the next free DLC, announced at the same time as this upgrade.

The Witcher  3 Netflix DLCs

The content based on the series The Witcher will indeed be available to all players on December 14. If CD Projekt RED wishes to keep the surprise until the end, the developers have nevertheless revealed a few elements furtively. Rather than giving the new items directly to players, the Polish studio preferred to create a new quest directly integrated into the game which will allow them to unlock all the free content. But what will it be exactly? Alternate outfits for the soldiers of Nilfgaard and good old Dandelion based on the Netflix series, as well as swords and armor for Geralt that will be inspired by the first two seasons. However, we will have to wait for the release of the upgrade of The Witcher 3 to know the exact list, the developers wishing to keep the surprise to a minimum.

The Witcher  3 Netflix DLCs

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