The Weeknd singer to head series with Euphoria showrunner


The Weeknd definitely has a knack for surprising his world. Indeed, the famous singer is currently preparing a series called “The Idol”, of which he will be the headliner. Even stronger: the show will air on HBO, and co-written with Sam Levinson, the father of “Euphoria”.

The Weeknd: an artist like no other

His real name is Abel Makkonen Tesfaye, The Weeknd is arguably one of the musical UFOs of the past decade. Indeed, the songwriter has experienced a rapid rise since the release of his first album. Kiss land, in 2013. Subsequently, the Canadian has bluffed his world with his eclectic universe bringing together various influences such as R&B, soul, hip-hop and pop. With a tone of voice reminiscent of Michael Jackson, The Weeknd is now an essential singer on the world scene thanks to pieces that have become cult such asEarned it, I feel it coming, Blinding Lights or even Can’t feel my face.

Last year, the singer released his latest album titled After Hours. Carried by songs like thatHeartless, Save Your Tears or even In your Eyes, the album was a huge success which allowed him to obtain many awards as well as a performance at the famous Superbowl halftime. A historic moment which clearly shows that the artist does not have much to prove.

He therefore turns to another challenge, now: fiction.

An ambitious television project

The Weeknd’s experience on the small and big screen is more than limited. We just remember that he participated in the soundtrack of 50 Shades of Gray and that he appeared in the Netflix movie Uncut Gems (in which he played his own role)

With the series The Idol, the singer will wear the triple cap of actor, screenwriter and producer. True, in 2020 he wrote and starred in an episode of the animated series American Dad. But the show planned on HBO will be another matter.

American Dad © TBS

So, The Idol will follow a pop singer who begins a romance with a mysterious club owner in Los Angeles. However, the latter is also the head of a secret cult. The series will be co-written and co-produced with its loyal historic producer Reza Fahim, as well as the creator ofEuphoria, Sam Levinson. Could we then see Zendaya in the role of the pop singer? The idea makes us salivate in advance.

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