The Walking Dead it’s over, fans are in shock (spoiler-free)

The Walking Dead it's over, fans are in shock (spoiler-free)

Series The Walking Dead ended after 11 thrilling seasons and fans are still in shock.

The Walking Dead is one of the most cult series of recent years, along with Breaking Bad or game of thrones. Started a dozen years ago, the show will have shaken the whole industry by not skimping on the means to take the fans to the guts. Witness the end of its season 6 and the first episode of its season 7, unbearable. Beautiful, gripping, gory… The series had become an unmissable event for millions of viewers who now feel abandoned, or almost.

That’s it, it’s over

Yesterday was broadcast the grand finale of the series. A final episode that left fans in shock as orphans. Some are already thinking about upcoming spin-off series, others don’t know what to watch. In short, the emotion is everywhere on social networks, even if many have admitted to having dropped the series along the way, and now say they are curious to take a look at it.

What to watch next The Walking Dead ?

But the fans will not be orphaned for long since the main series is already planned to be declined in several other projects, and some derivative series are already being broadcast. At first, there is fear The Walking Dead, series, started a few years ago, which follows the misadventures of another group of survivors, all taking place in parallel to the main show. It will begin its eighth season shortly.

Rick will also have the right to his private comeback in a handful of episodes which will be dedicated to him, as announced after his departure from the main series. A series centered around Daryl (played by Norman Reedus who will also be found in Death Stranding 2) is also planned and should reveal more to us about the famous biker.

We will also have a multi-episode storyline with Maggie and Negan in The Walking Dead : DeadCity. We will follow the two acolytes of fortune that everything opposes (really everything) trying to survive in a totally devastated New York.

An anthology series is also underway with Tales of The Walking Dead and should see new episodes coming and the most hardcore fans can even take a look at The Walking Dead : WorldBeyond (available on Amazon Prime). A very “teen movie” series taking place in the same universe and which will have been canceled after its second season only.

All this to say that The Walking Dead is not completely dead. Nothing surprising, no matter how one takes this reflection.

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