The Walking Dead: images for season 11


The eleventh and final season of “The Walking Dead” is clarified with its very first images. Scheduled for 2022, this final season will conclude the series adapted from Robert Kirkman’s comics.

An emblematic series of the 2010s

Originally, The Walking Dead is an iconic comic book series. Created by Robert Kirkman in 2007, the comics The Walking Dead are the absolute benchmark of the genre. Published by Delcourt, this saga has met with huge success. License matters 33 volumes, the last of which was released in the summer of 2019. Like many products focused on the zombie universe, this saga tells how Rick Grimes, a former police officer, assembles a group of survivors, ready to face the apocalypse.

The Walking Dead © Delcourt

Faced with this unprecedented success, the AMC channel decides to embark on an adaptation in the form of a TV series. She gives the queens of the project to filmmaker Frank Darabont (The escapees, The green Line), who, with the help of Robert Kirkman, will make this series one of the monuments of the 2010s. Casting side, the show launched or confirmed the career of actors today inseparable from the series, namely Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus, Steven Yeun or Jon Bernthal. Since season 6, Jeffrey Dean Morgan has joined the adventure in the shoes of the terrible Negan.

First images of season 11

The end is near ! The Walking Dead will end next year with his 11th and last season. The opportunity for AMC to unveil the first images of this final lap. Among these first photographs is a glimpse of the interior of the Commonwealth, a community already known to comic book readers, which is one of the keys to the story’s outcome. These shots also feature a peek at an underground mission led by Maggie, Daryl, Gabriel, and Negan. Also appear the terrible Whisperers, who are not yet done with our heroes.

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