The Suicide Squad: “We haven’t seen that with superheroes yet” according to the DC film crew


Five years after the first opus, the “Suicide Squad” is back on the big screen. With old, new and a director named James Gunn, who returns to the feature film with part of his cast.

We take the same ones (or at least a few), and we start over. Five years after the first installment, DC’s Suicide Squad is back on the big screen. Harley Quinn, Captain Boomerang, Rick Flag and Amanda Waller are still in the game, and they welcome a handful of new kids. Including the characters played by Idris Elba, John Cena or Sylvester Stallone.

There’s also some change behind the camera, as James Gunn replaces David Ayer, between two Guardians of the Galaxy strands. In the company of producer Peter Safran and part of his cast, the director talks about his new baby, and his first steps with DC.

DashFUN: Of all the superheroes in the DC catalog, why did you choose “The Suicide Squad” James?
James gunn : While I was finishing Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Warner and DC released two films that I was a little jealous of and that I would have liked to direct: the first Suicide Squad and Shazam! I love these two worlds and I think I could have tackled them as a director. So I jumped at the chance to make my version of Suicide Squad as a 60s war movie, but with supervillains.

I also wanted to pay tribute to what the creator of the comic books, John Ostrander, had done with this universe. I wanted to do it with a big budget in order to end up with an ultra explosive film. This one came naturally to me, without any real effort. I think we haven’t seen that in superheroes yet. The spectacle offered to you is impressive. And I also knew that no one would have thought that I would take control, I love to surprise with all my projects.

Did you easily get into your respective characters?
John cena : I think we’re all human and it’s really rare to run into someone 100% bad. James Gunn has given us the opportunity to play heroes who are never quite bad, nor quite good. For me, the difficulty was to walk a fine line between Good and Evil. Peacemaker tries to find his harmony in the chaos of the situation in which he is immersed. He must find a heart when the need arises, and he must shoot at anything that moves when the moment calls for it.

Margot Robbie: I agree with John when he says that no one can be 100% bad. I don’t think these characters see themselves as bad. They have their own morality, their own code of conduct. Each character has their own vision of what they think is good to do and what not to do. Everything is perception, and their perception of what is good or bad is different from ours. But that doesn’t mean they’re 100% bad.

Idris elba : For me it was enough to listen to the vision of James Gunn. I remember our first conversation, at the Chateau Marmont hotel in Los Angeles, where he explained to me that he wanted to show the weaknesses and fears of these superheroes. For him, these characters are like Charles Bronsons in an 80s film: Bronson is hiding under their costume. For me it allowed me to transform a villain into someone more human, into a real person of flesh and blood.

No one would have thought that I took control of The Suicide Squad (James Gunn)

What was Harley Quinn’s approach in this film?
Margot Robbie: I think in every movie she appears in, I discover new things about her. In this film she is still single but she is ready to find a soul mate. Or at least a new flirtation. She started her adventures as the Joker’s girlfriend, but now she has definitely stepped out of her shadow and taken her destiny into her own hands. And as I always say: in the end, she is a catalyst for the chaos that is growing around her.

Has the #MeToo movement changed her nature and character writing?
Margot Robbie: I think, by a strange coincidence, that’s when women got a lot more badass in movies. Even before the #MeToo movement. In addition, the bulk of cinema fans are women today. It was arguably a natural development to find that women in superhero roles sell as well, if not better, than men in similar roles.

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