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Available since June 29 on myCANAL, The Fun Spirit immerses us in a session of funny, zany and fantastic spiritualism in the company of Judi Dench, Dan Stevens, Leslie Mann and Isla Fisher. 3 infos on the film CANAL + PREMIERE.

The mind is having fun is available on myCANAL.


Film from the CANAL + PREMIERE label available on myCANAL, L’Esprit amuses tells the story of a writer being initiated into spiritualism and who sees his late wife resurface .. while he is in the company of a short story wife! A fantastic and whimsical vaudeville counting on a cast of choice.

Revealed in Downton Abbey under the costume of Matthew Crawley, Dan Stevens is Charles Condomine, while the medium Madame Arcati is played by the famous Judi Dench, essential M of the James Bond saga. On the side of the two Ladies Condomine, Isla Fisher (Elusive) is the hero’s current wife, tormented by the surprise return of Elvira, played by Leslie Mann (Triple Alliance, I Love You Philip Morris, 40 years old: Instructions for use …). A quartet that does not lack charm!


If it was released in 2020 in England, The Spirit of Fun is blowing a wind of novelty on a great classic of comic theater. In the summer of 1941, and while he had already made a big name in the British theater with the plays Easy Virtue, Les Amants terribles or Joyeux Chagrins, the playwright Noël Coward unveiled Blithe Spirit in the West End.

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Instant success and performed nearly 2,000 times, the play went on to appear on Broadway, with more than 650 performances in less than a year. The triumph is such that Blithe Spirit is adapted to the cinema in 1945 by David Lean (Oliver Twist, The Bridge of the River Kwai, Lawrence of Arabia), then in the musical High Spirits in 1964, before this new remake released in 2020 in England.


Succeeding big names in the theater and cinema, and adapting the codes of vaudeville to the screen while seducing the public of 2021: these are the major challenges that awaited the director of this new version of L’Esprit d’amuse. A risky bet and brilliantly taken up by Edward Hall.

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Little known in the world of cinema, this name has nevertheless resonated on numerous occasions in the theater. The son of filmmaker Peter Hall founded the company Propeller Shakespeare, directed the Hampstead Theater in London and directed no less than twenty classic plays. But that’s not all since he is also known in the television landscape for having directed episodes of Strike Back, MI-5, not to mention Downton Abbey!

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