The Sims 5: the game already hacked even before its official presentation

The Sims 5: the game already hacked even before its official presentation

Yet another massive hack story. This time it concerns The Sims 5 is simply one of the biggest golden egg hens from EA.

The information comes from a news from the always well-informed Tom Henderson which explains that the game The Sims 5 which has not even had the right to a presentation worthy of the name has just been hacked. Another blow to the liver for EA.

The Sims 5 on the run, ALREADY?

So sources who wish to remain anonymous for fairly obvious reasons have provided evidence to the Insider Gaming site that they have already managed to crack and hack the current version of The Sims 5. It’s all the crazier when you know that the game is currently in play-test and that it is in fact not at all complete. Sources revealed that they did this all through test tokens:

The hackers managed to generate access tokens using a tester devuno token (which allows them to access the game). These generated tokens will allow anyone to access the game without needing online access or permission from EA. In addition to replicating access tokens, hackers also showed footage of them playing on Peer 2 Peer servers without ever needing to contact EA servers.

Obviously the Sims 5 runs under Unreal Engine which makes hacking even easier. The hackers also showed gameplay while playing on Peer 2 Peer servers. In short, bad weather for the management game. For the moment we have no official information from EA on this subject and we do not know when the game is planned and even less its announcement.

It remains to be seen whether Electronic Arts will officially communicate on the piracy or remain silent.

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