The Sims 5: Here’s when the long-awaited game could be announced

The Sims 5: Here's when the long-awaited game could be announced

Finally the announcement of the Sims 5 very soon? It seems to be off to a very good start according to previous statements from a reliable insider. Here’s when it might be unveiled.

The Sims 5 announcement may well come sooner than expected. The transition to free-to-play of the basic game of The Sims 4 could presage a first step towards the transition of the next generation simulation. Statements from a insider seem to be heading in that direction.

The Sims 5 soon to be announced?

Eight years after the release of The Sims 4, EA could finally be ready to move on. The more time passes, the more a question burns the lips of fans: when will the announcement of The Sims 5 be announced? It would obviously be soon. According to Jeff Grubb, theinsider that needs no introduction, the fifth generation is on its way. ” The announcement is expected soon, it could probably arrive next month “, explained to him his sources. In any case, it seems to fit with the conference Behind the Sims Summit scheduled for October 18.

As usual, the Giant Bomb journalist does not want to play with the fragile little hearts of the fans. If The Sims 5 is well announced next month, this does not mean that it will soon arrive on PC and other platforms. ” Do not expect to play it soon, we are still very far from its release », delays theinsider. The Sims 4 therefore still have a bright future ahead of them and fans should still have a few extensions and other kits to put in their mouths to boost the adventures of their characters.

According to the latest statements from Andrew Wilson, CEO of EA, The Sims 5 could be available as soon as it is released on PS5 and Xbox Series X. It could also contain social and multiplayer elements from the abandoned project: The Sims Online. We just have to wait until next month to find out if the American publisher will lift the veil on the game or not.

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