The Sims 5 finally announced, fans disappointed and hyped at the same time

It was a long-awaited announcement and it finally happened. EA went there with its teaser, a insider spilled the beans in advance and it’s now official. The Sims 5 has been formalized with a first teaser.

The Sims 5 aka Project Rene finally formalized

EA is finally ready to turn the page. After eight years of good and loyal service, The Sims 4 has gone free-to-play to better prepare the ground for the sequel. Obviously, the publisher still intends to grab a few euros here and there by offering additional extensions by the release of The Sims 5. And precisely, the game long awaited by fans was finally announced at the Behind the Sims Summit. It’s only half a surprise since Jeff Grubb had gone there with his statement, but Maxis hadn’t lied: there was indeed a surprise at stake. The next installment, aka project Rene.

Few details have been revealed except that The Sims 5 will be interconnected between multiple devices. For example, you can start building a house on PC or consoles, then continue it on mobile. The title intends to offer more flexibility in the mechanics of customization and constriction so dear to the players. The color, the texture, everything can be changed at will and with more advanced possibilities. If EA has not gone into detail, the community part should also be improved. The sharing options for the gallery indeed seem to go a step further by letting players share decoration sets at a time. Unfortunately, we will have to settle for that only, Maxis promising to give more details as the project progresses. In other words, The Sims 4 still has a bright future ahead of it. The Sims 5 is indeed not expected “for years”.

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