The Seventh Day on Netflix: what is this exorcism session with Guy Pearce?


Worn by Guy Pearce and Stephen Lang, “The Seventh Day” features a demon hunt in the streets of New Orleans. A feature film that respects several codes of the genre.

The Seventh Day : initiation to demons

Three years later The Dark, presented in France at L’Étrange Festival, Justin P. Lange signs his second feature film with The Seventh Day. If he surveyed a forest haunted by a teenage girl victim of terrible abuse in his previous film, the director and screenwriter this time invests the city of New Orleans. A different setting but also rich in terrible secrets.

For his debut as an exorcist, Father Daniel teams up with Father Peter, a renowned and proven priest fighting against formidable spirits. At first disconcerted by the unorthodox methods of his colleague, Daniel discovers that they are particularly effective.

The Seventh Day © Voltage Pictures

During this dangerous training, the tandem roams the city and the beginner quickly understands the main lesson instilled by Father Peter: demons are unpredictable and like take refuge where they are not expected. Guy Pearce, already gone through the horror register with Voracious and Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark, lends his features to this mysterious specialist in possession. Vadhir Derbez embodies the young recruit whose faith is about to be shaken. Stephen Lang and Keith David round out the cast.

Iconic elements of the genre

The Seventh Day has several advantages to attract the public looking for an exorcism session. Like the essential The Exorcist, starring Max von Sydow and Jason Miller, the film is based on association between two priests of opposite natures, one being disillusioned and the other on the verge of seeing his naivety evaporate. This is also the case in The ritual, where Anthony Hopkins trains young Colin O’Donoghue.

Moreover, from The Exorcist at Conjuring 3: Under the Devil Passing by Poltergeist, Insidious or The Last Rite, feature films have repeatedly proven that evil spirits love to revel in the innocence of children. The Seventh Day is no exception to this rule and Father Daniel’s main mission is to save a young boy.

Finally, the spectators who had appreciated the fact that occult powers were at work in the heart of New York in Deliver us from evil are likely to be seduced by The Seventh Day. The film also takes place in an urban environment, which gives rise to singular confrontations. A scene in a homeless camp, for example, recalls Father Peter’s rule: demons can hide anywhere and like to surprise those who stalk them.

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