The Saint: Regé-Jean Page wins the first role of the reboot


The reboot of “The Saint” struggles to materialize for so long. The project finally takes a significant boost with the arrival on board of Regé-Jean Page. The 31-year-old actor discovered on Netflix will be the new incarnation of Simon Templar.

The Saint : a new adaptation in preparation

In the 1930s, author Leslie Charteris invented the character of Simon Templar, alias the Saint. A sort of modern Robin Hood, he roams the globe to track down criminals and steal their property. Once his missions are fulfilled, he redistributes his earnings to people in need. Charismatic and resourceful, the hero had his first stint on the small screen in the 1960s as Roger Moore. In 1997, a new adaptation directed by Phillip Noyce was released in theaters. This time, it’s Val Kilmer who lands the title role. The idea of ​​a reboot has dragged on in Hollywood for a long time and Paramount seems more ready than ever to finally make the project a reality.

Simon Templar (Vall Kilmer) – The Saint © Paramount Pictures

With the star of The Bridgertons Chronicle

The Hollywood Reporter announces that Regé-Jean Page will take the lead role of the reboot. The studio will be looking for one of the rising stars in the industry. Chris Pine has previously been introduced as a participant in the project. Even if we could find him in the casting, he will not play the central role. The name of Dexter Fletcher was put forward to take charge of the staging. The media specifies that its implication is uncertain. Whoever is at the helm, he will have to deal with a screenplay written by Kwame Kwei-Armah.

Revealed on Netflix in the series The Bridgertons Chronicle, Regé-Jean Page refused to appear in the cast of season 2 to explore other opportunities in his career. A choice that is understandable as its explosion was resounding. We imagine that the offers were quick to fall and he now finds himself headlining this reboot. Before that he joined the cast of Dungeons & Dragons (also with Chris Pine). As well as that of The gray man, the feature film starring Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans and Ana de Armas, directed by the Russo brothers for Netflix. The addition of his participation in the film The Saint fill his agenda a little more and imply that we will see him often in the coming years.

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