The Quarry : we will have to wait before being able to play in multi

The Quarry : we will have to wait before being able to play in multi

Only two weeks before the launch of The Quarrysometimes called Until Dawn 2 by gamers, Supermassive has to delay the arrival of a game mode.

Tipped to be the spiritual successor of Until Dawn, The Quarry will nevertheless bring some novelties compared to its illustrious elder. Starting with a multiplayer mode, which will ultimately not be available at launch.

Delay for online multiplayer mode

The cleaver has just fallen. Online multiplayer mode The Quarry will not be available on June 10 at the same time as the single-player campaign. The developers obviously need more time to polish the experience, as the announcement message posted on 2K’s social media explains:

The wait is almost over and the team and I can’t wait for you to get your hands on The Quarry in two weeks. The game will be released on June 10 with local co-op mode and movie mode. However, we have made the difficult decision to postpone online multiplayer in order to provide you with the best possible experience. That said, the wait won’t be very long since the multiplayer mode will be added via an update on July 8.

– Will Bytes, Director of The Quarry

How does multiplayer and co-op work? The Quarry ?

As a reminder, the game will offer two ways to explore the adventure with others. In local co-op where a maximum of 8 participants will be assigned one or more monitors depending on the number of players. It will then suffice to share the controller each time one of the animators becomes the playable character. It is up to the participants to collaborate or, on the contrary, to change the situation by taking decisions that go against the grain.

Conversely, in the online multiplayer mode of The Quarry not everyone can play. Understand by this that not all participants will control a character. The game host will be able to invite up to seven friends who can watch them play and take part in every key decision via a vote. The outcome will depend on the results and in case of a tie, a random choice will be taken. Note that crossplay will be available on consoles, but only those of the same generation (PS5 and Xbox Series / Xbox One and PS4).

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