The PS5 back in stock on Amazon, but on one condition

General alert! The PS5 Standard is back in stock on Amazon. Be careful however, there will not be for everyone and it is subject to one condition.

A year after its release, the PS5 is still just as difficult to find following production concerns that have impacted distribution. The large influx of players on online sales sites is such that stocks are leaving very quickly.

The PS5 available on Amazon but…

There are still many who are looking to get a PS5 Standard. The random nature of stocks and the low quantities available are a real ordeal for players. It is often the law of first come, first served. So Amazon has come up with an invitation system. More concretely, this allows you to position yourself in the queue and to be able to hope to place an order once the user account is verified.

Today, the PS5 Standard is available for 499.99 euros on Amazon, but only through this invitation system. As stocks are very limited, not everyone will be able to put their precious console in the basket. We therefore recommend that you act quickly to claim your invitation since not all requests can be satisfied. The lucky winners will receive an email indicating that their purchase request has been validated. They will then have a valid link for 72 hours. To try to pick up your PS5, go here.

Amazon stock PS5

If you missed your chance, don’t panic. The start of the school year should be synonymous with new stocks on other merchant sites, including CDiscount, Rue du Commerce and others. Physical shops should also be restocked. Also feel free to go ask if they received any PS5s and if they have any in stock. May luck smile on you.

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