The PS Plus on Xbox Series ? Microsoft has made its choice

The PS Plus on Xbox Series ? Microsoft has made its choice

The childishness between Sony and Microsoft continues. While the Redmond firm had indicated that it had offered its Xbox Game Pass on PS5 and PS4, PlayStation claims to have done the same. The Japanese giant would have offered its rival to make the PS Plus available on the Xbox Series and her older sister. We’ll let you guess Microsoft’s answer.

No PS Plus on Xbox Series

The public war between Sony and Microsoft continues unabated. Between accusations, arguments and crisp information, the two giants of the market have been pointing the finger at each other in turn for several months. In new written documents from the CMA, the British competition regulator, we learn that Microsoft would have prevented Sony from deploying the PS Plus on Xbox Series and Xbox One. The Japanese firm indeed claims that its rival is in bad faith when it claims that it itself refused that the Xbox Game Pass be deployed on PS5 and PS4. On page 14 of the dossier (via TweakTown), we can indeed read:

Microsoft’s argument that having Game Pass available on PlayStation consoles would be a silver bullet to this deal rings particularly hollow given that Microsoft doesn’t allow PS Plus to roll out on Xbox consoles.

Last October, Microsoft had indeed stipulated that Sony had chosen to block the Xbox Game Pass on PS5 and PS4 in order to protect its income from new releases “ rather than offering premium players access to it through its subscription, the PS Plus. » In other words, it would deprive itself of the Call of Duty license if the latter were to be exclusive. In either case, it seems unlikely that one of the manufacturers will agree to offer a competing service on its ecosystem. Especially since the PS Plus Extra and Xbox Game Pass are struggling, even if the advantage would be Microsoft. But all the arguments are good to defend his point of view.

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