The Prince on HBO Max: barely launched, the satirical series on the British royal family is already creating controversy


Postponed due to the death of Prince Philip last April, the satirical series The Prince on the British royal family has finally launched on HBO Max.

The time for mourning is over. The death of Prince Philip last April has delayed the release of The Prince, an HBO Max satirical series that looks at members of the Windsor clan through the point of view of Prince George, son of William and Kate.

The gloomy portrait of the Duke of Edinburgh, who died at the age of 99, then prompted the platform to postpone the launch of the series so as not to offend the mourning royal family. No date had been announced until then and surprise! HBO Max finally released the entirety of The Prince on July 29 in the United States.


Always in the spotlight, especially since the renunciation of Harry and Meghan to fulfill their royal obligations, the Windsor clan is once again the subject of a series, after The Crown. This time, the royal family takes it for its rank in animation and from the pen of Gary Janetti, American producer to whom we owe Family Guy.

The voice cast includes Dan Stevens (Prince Philip), Orlando Bloom (Harry), Iwan Rheon (William) and Sophie Turner (Charlotte). At the moment, The Prince does not have a broadcaster in France, where HBO Max does not yet have a launch date.

The series already criticized

Barely put online, The Prince is already criticized by Internet users. Within the comments of the HBO Max tweet, we see that the public castigates the creator and the platform for going after 8-year-old Prince George, who is portrayed as a haughty, spoiled, obsessed offspring. by Kelly Ripa, demanding “a tea that doesn’t taste like piss” and insulting Queen Elizabeth.

Translation: It doesn’t happen. It’s disrespectful. The children are all innocent and untouchable! The series should be withdrawn and never seen. How can you in good conscience allow this to happen?

Translation: I was about to renew my HBO Max subscription and then I saw this. How can one imagine that harassing an 8 year old child is a form of entertainment? I can’t imagine another 8 year old being treated this way. You should be ashamed.

Translation: No, no, no. You do whatever you want with the grown royals, I guess. But you shouldn’t touch George and the rest of the royal family. Just create a fake royals if you were serious about doing a “What if Stewie Griffin Were a Prince” series.

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