The Prey of a Shadow: what is this horror film expected for the start of the school year?


Discover all the information on the horror film “The Prey of a Shadow” expected on September 15 in French theaters. The film is directed by David Bruckner (“The Signal”, “The Ritual”) and is worn by actress Rebecca Hall.

The Prey of a Shadow: the back-to-school horror film

Presented at the 2020 Sundance Film Festival, The prey of a shadow (The Night House in the original version), was initially to be released in French theaters on July 14, 2021. But due to the still complicated health situation, it was postponed. It is finally expected the September 15, 2021, and is already shaping up to be THE horror film of this fall.

Rebecca Hall – The Night House © 20th Century Studios

The pitch?

Shadow Prey tells the agonizing story of a young widow who discovers the disturbing secrets of her recently deceased husband.

The film is directed by David Bruckner, to whom we owe in particular the very effective horror film The ritual (available on Netflix). In the casting, we find Rebecca Hall (who had already chased the spirits in The House of Shadows, decidedly) in the role of the widow. She is notably accompanied by the Franco-British actress Stacy Martin.

First positive opinions

As previously said, The prey of a shadow was presented at the last Sundance Film Festival. He therefore collected the first opinions of the American press. And they are quite positive. Indeed, on the specialized site Rotten Tomatoes, the film garners a nice average of 88% of positive reviews. These first opinions evoke a very effective anxiety-inducing thriller, and psychologically destabilizing. Rebecca Hall’s manned performance seems to be unanimous.

Appointment on September 15th in French theaters!

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