The Outlast Trials sows terror with a daunting trailer, a beta announced

The Outlast Trials sows terror with a daunting trailer, a beta announced

Without news for a year, The Outlast Trials has granted itself a remarkable release at Gamecom 2022. A terrifying trailer which reveals the arrival of a beta this year.

Before a possible Outlast 3, the indie studio Red Barrels will try to bring its franchise to another field. That of cooperation. And after a long silence, The Outlast Trials gave its news.

The Outlast Trials, a new co-op experience

Expected for 2021 then 2022, The Outlast Trials will arrive via a closed beta of the October 28 to November 1 2022 on pc. It is not known if a PS5 version and Xbox Series X|S is site or not.

If the experience can be lived alone, this episode was designed by the developers for co-op up to 3 players. You can thus count on the precious help of an ally to overcome an obstacle and avoid dying. We can even set traps to slow down our executioner, all in an atmosphere that is close to Saw with a dose of A Clockwork Orange.

This project takes place in the middle of the Cold War when guinea pigs have been recruited by the Murkoff Corporation. The company behind Outlast Asylum. The purpose of these enlistments is to test methods of brainwashing and mind control. A fun program!

During the Cold War era, reluctant volunteers were recruited by the Murkoff Corporation to test new methods of brainwashing and mind control. Work alongside your friends in a world steeped in mistrust, fear and violence, and try to make it out of The Outlast Trials alive.

The trailer reveals a crazy atmosphere, with liters of hemoglobin, automatons etc. In short, it promises with fingers crossed that the trailer is very representative.

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