The Nintendo Switch 2 would have already revealed two of its secrets, it promises!

A very credible source would have leaked new information on the Nintendo Switch 2 and revealed two secrets. That would bode well for the next portable console.

The rumors never stop, especially when it comes to the infamous Nintendo Switch 2. Big N’s next portable console is the victim of a new leaked, coming directly from an Nvidia employee. We take stock of what we have learned.

Two great arguments for the Nintendo Switch 2?

Will the Nintendo Switch 2 have to blush in the face of the PS5 and the Xbox Series ? A question that burns the lips of hardware enthusiasts as well as fans with the most excessive dreams. According to a precedent leaked of the’insider Kopite7kimi, often well informed, the one then called the Switch Pro would ship a customized version of the Tegra 234 Orin, developed by Nvidia. But precisely, an employee of the American firm would have confirmed in an email sent by mistake that the Switch 2 would include “ adding support for the Tegra 239 SoC, which has eight cores in a single cluster.”

This new SoC customized specifically for the portable console should therefore serve as a basis for the development of the Nintendo Switch 2. This chip would therefore carry 8 CPU cores, which could be ARM Cortex A78C or A78 according to other rather credible sources. Everything would be coupled with a GPU based on the Ampère architecture, the same as the GeForce RTX 3000. To popularize this information, this would mean that the Switch 2 would have two great assets: native support for ray tracing and the DLSS 2.2 support.

Enough to allow the new generation console to run more beautiful games, while allowing Big N to potentially catch up a bit on its competitors from a technical point of view. Especially since this same insider rather reliable evoked elements taken from the new Lovelace architecture, serving as a technical basis for the RTX 4090 and 4080, in order to boost the chip of the Nintendo Switch 2 a little. end up being proven.

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