The new Black Panther unveiled unexpectedly? The LEGO Dumpling!

Pretty surprises are regularly wasted because of by-products. And it would seem that Black Panther Wakanda Forever is no exception to the rule.

Marvel hit it hard at San Diego Comic Con last week. In addition to announcing two new films Avengers and to unveil its plans for the years to come, the publisher has shared a first trailer for Black Panther 2. A trailer that ends with a glimpse of T’Challa’s succession and which has raised many questions. However LEGO would have made a dumpling and would have revealed who is under the costume.

Who is the new Black Panther in Wakanda Forever?

Who will be the next Black Panther? This is the question that has been bothering all fans of the King of Wakanda since the release of the first trailer for the long-awaited sequel. Everyone goes with their theory. Some see Okoye, the general of Dora Milaje, others the Killmonger of What If, and some Shuri. The predictions are going well and it seems that LEGO has revealed in advance who is hiding under the costume. Think of it as a spoiler, so go your way if you want to keep the surprise until the end!

The new Black Panther unveiled unexpectedly? The LEGO Dumpling!

LEGO has indeed officially revealed two new sets around Black Panther Wakanda Forever. We see Shuri in the hero’s costume which seems to have been customized with his cannons and embellished with a few purple and golden touches. The information, however, remains to be taken conditionally, especially since another set seems to indicate the opposite since we see the youngest alongside Black Panther with the following description: “ Shuri tries out her super-powered gloves as Black Panther slides around on her hoverboard.

Since the costume is similar in every way to T’Challa’s, it could evoke events before his death. Anyway, Shuri is on track to take over as is the case in the comics. It should nevertheless be remembered that LEGO sometimes goes against the grain of what is canon in the films, but it is difficult to imagine them creating a product on pure speculation.

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