The Mandalorian: an actor makes a huge reveal on Grogu (Baby Yoda)


“The Mandalorian” will return for a season 3 on Disney + most likely next year. Actor Giancarlo Esposito confirms that filming will begin soon and reveals a major new element about Grogu aka “Baby Yoda.”

The Mandalorian : Baby Yoda still has it under the sole

The Mandalorian series brought with it its share of novelties in the galaxy Star wars, while managing to unite the universe of trilogies with that of animated series. The second season was particularly popular, for its fair use of the mythology already in place.

One of the biggest additions to the franchise is definitely the character of Grogu / Baby Yoda. A child of the race of one of the most popular Jedi, who knew how to distinguish himself by his cute appearance but also by his powers. We saw him for the last time in the company of a mythical Star Wars figure, finally finding himself a master to develop his abilities. Mando was saddened to part ways with this mate but we’re willing to bet we’ll see him again in the next round of episodes. Impossible that the studio does without such a mascot and, in the camp of the villains, Moff Gideon will continue to be there. This antagonist played by Giancarlo Esposito will undoubtedly want to get his hands on Grogu to continue to exploit his powers. The actor just revealed to WRAL that the child had a very important capacity:

I love this Baby Yoda. I’m going to take the child back, and for a very different reason than most people might think. This kid has magical powers … And he can see the future, and we want everyone to know that he could save our universe.

The Mandalorian © Lucasfilm / Disney +

We knew he was Force sensitive but no one suspected he could see the future. It’s surprising to say the least that this information is coming out now. when it could have been a big revelation during the broadcast. It at least has the merit of confirming that Grogu will be back in season 3.

How is season 3 going?

Still according to Giancarlo Esposito, the shooting should start soon. The studio has given priority to Book by Boba Fett and star Pedro Pascal must first finish filming in The Last of Us. The advantage is that it is hidden under armor, which allows shots to The Mandalorian to take place without necessarily being on the set. No return date has been announced for the series. The broadcast will take place somewhere in 2022.

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