The majority of players are big haters, it’s official

Regularly, scientific research is done to prove the benefits of video games. Recently, the University of Oxford, for example, proved the absence of a negative influence of our passion on mental health. However, we know that playing can put some people in a daze, completely out of their minds. Surprise (no?), the majority of gamers are haters according to a recent study.

Xbox gamers are the most angry

Who are the angry players and are they in the majority? These are the questions that have arisen Time2Play for his study of the month. The media was based on a representative panel of 1045 American players playing at least 4 hours per week. The objective, to determine the profile of the gamer the most angry and according to her, it happens on the side of Xbox. The study reveals that 21.3% of green brand players get angry daily or even several times a day. That’s almost double PlayStation gamers (12.4%). As a result, they break more objects and attack those around them more easily when they are controller in hand than those on other platforms.

On the side of the PS5 and the PS4, it rages rather on a weekly basis, but it likes to break gear just as much. We are calmer on the PC side, but when it gets annoying, it’s almost as destructive as a console player (19.4% against 23.2% at Xbox and 21.6% at PlayStation). Precisely, what do players like to break? At 73.2% it is what they have on hand, namely a controller, a keyboard or a mouse. The other favorite target at 15.8% is the walls and the most unexpected is undoubtedly the crockery at the bottom of the ranking with 3.8%. Amidst all this rage, only 4.6% of players remain calm under all circumstances.

video games mad study

Here are the games that make you rage the most

But what is the cause of all this frustration? At 60.7%, players admit to being angry because they are forced to start the same level again and again. What particularly annoys them are cheaters (43.6%) and bugs (43.1%). Online, campers (22%) are not the most annoying according to this panel, it is the griefers (39.6%), those people who deliberately seek to annoy or ruin the game of others. Moreover, only multiplayer games appear as the titles where they get the most irritated. And no, Nintendo is not spared. Here is the ranking of the games that make the most rage:

  • Call of Duty (23.5%)
  • Mario Kart (22%)
  • Minecraft (21.2%)
  • League of Legends (20.1%)
  • Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (19.7%)
  • Grand Theft Auto (19.4%)

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