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Part of the shooting of the comedy “The Mad Story of Max and Leon”, broadcast this Thursday evening on TF1, took place in the small village of Cuiseaux, somewhat transformed for the occasion.

The comedy La Folle Histoire de Max et Léon, broadcast this Thursday evening on TF1, features two lazy and bawdy childhood friends, played by the members of Palmashow David Marsais and Grégoire Ludig, who are trying by all means to escape in World War II. A film which necessarily required reconstitution work.

To represent the city of Mâcon during the Occupation, the film crew turned to the small village of Cuiseaux, less than 2,000 inhabitants on the counter, located in the department of Saône-et-Loire, in the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region. Why not put the cameras directly in Mâcon, the city where David Marsais and Grégoire Ludig lived for some time? Quite simply because it looked nothing like the villages of the time.

“I came to do some scouting in Mâcon”, told the director Jonathan Barré in 2020 to our colleagues from the Journal de Saône-et-Loire. “The city is far too modern. It was complicated in terms of noise, traffic. The village side of Cuiseaux seduced us. We just changed two facades and put sand on the ground.”

From August 8 to 13, 2015, the team of La Folle Histoire de Max et Léon toured in this peaceful town, not used to so much commotion. As the JSL indicates, the town center of the Bressan village has been somewhat transformed, with in particular a tobacco shop frontage transformed into a fishing shop and another of a sandwich shop transformed into a bakery of the time.

This filming benefited the economy of the region. “It was weird to meet SS in the streets, I still tremble when I think about it”, remembers Claude Moissonnier, member of the tourist office, at the microphone of the JSL. “We had the impression of being at the time of the Occupation, to see all these people in costumes, it was impressive. It had a lot of impact on local tourism. Extras, some from Le Creusot , de Tournus… had never been to Cuiseaux. Some have promised to come back. “

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The Mad story of Max and Leon: in which other films can we see the duo of Palmashow?

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