The Lost Wild: the horror/survival game with dinos delights us on video

The Lost Wild: the horror/survival game with dinos delights us on video

Dinosaurs are back in fashion in video games and today we can discover a new video of The Lost Wild. A survival horror game in a… hostile environment?

The Lost Wild is therefore a survival/horror game (or vice versa according to your preference) in which you must explore a Mesozoic world with many dinosaurs who will want your skin in the literal sense of the term. Very clearly inspired by Jurassic Park: The Lost World in its staging, we should have the right to a lot of survival aspects.

The Lost Wild World

There are a lot of nods to the Jurassic Park saga, already the use of a light stick to attract the attention of a carnivorous dinosaur, a scene where stegosaurus come to drink in a stream… In short, the game which is developed by Great Apes Games wishes to show a living and coherent world in which it will be a question of playing “the game of cat and mouse”. Clearly, you, poor human, are the prey:

Stand your ground and don’t let the enemy sense your fear. You can temporarily scare away these deadly predators using fire and non-lethal weapons. In The Lost Wild, dinosaurs are curious and adaptable by nature, but they can back off when startled or intimidated. Take a close look at their behavior and you might find out how to defeat them.

The game is also inspired by a certain Firewatch in particular because our character will be in constant radio contact with an interlocutor. The Lost Wild is planned for 2024 and it is already possible to add it to your wish list on Steam..

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