The Lord of the Rings: the producers wanted to kill a Hobbit


One of the four Hobbits of the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy could have met a dire fate. The producers insisted on killing a character from the band, but luckily Peter Jackson objected to the idea.

The Lord of the Rings : a Hobbit in danger

Multi-awarded at the Oscars, the trilogy The Lord of the Rings recounts the incredible journey taken by Frodo and his friends to destroy the One Ring at Mount Doom. Any great adventure that respects itself must contain its share of deaths to broaden the range of emotions provided to the public. All three films have a few on the clock. We think of Boromir’s in the very first part or Gandalf’s fake in a scene that has become cult.

Peter Jackson’s massive trilogy could have featured another victim. This is what Dominic Monaghan has just revealed to IGN. The actor played the Hobbit Merry (Billy Boyd) in all three films. We saw him most of the time with his friend Pippin, while Frodo and Sam were busy wearing the ring. At the end of the trilogy, the four little men walk away in one piece but one of them has been in danger. Dominic Monaghan revealed that the producers pressured Peter Jackson to have one of the four Hobbits killed. A choice that would have caused a big divergence with Tolkien’s books. According to the actor, Merry was probably the number one target to die.

It’s a good thing it didn’t happen, because it would’ve been me. There was no way they could kill Frodo and Sam, so there was Merry and Pippin left. They couldn’t kill Pippin because he had a strong affair with Gandalf. So it would have been me.

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers © New Line Cinema

Certain adaptations sometimes make the choice to take liberties with the base material, but this is not always for the best. Pippin’s death is said to have brought darkness as the journey ends on a high note. Hobbits are characters the audience liked and killing one could have been frowned upon. In a general way, Peter Jackson did a good job in not betraying the spirit intended by the author of the novels.

We therefore escaped the death of a Hobbit but the trilogy contains a crazy number of victims. A smart kid has also compiled in a 6-minute video all the deaths that we see on the screen. We let you discover below how far the counter climbs:

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