The Lion King: 8 questions that we still ask ourselves after the film


Take a look back at the famous animated classic from Disney studios and all the questions we can legitimately ask once the film is over.

Who controls the weather in Lions Land? Why didn’t Zazu denounce Scar? Why didn’t the lionesses devour Pumbaa? Back to 8 more or less anecdotal questions that we are entitled to ask ourselves after having (re) discovered The Lion King from Disney studios …

Why can’t some animals in the movie speak?

Walt Disney Animation Studios

This little inconsistency that comes up regularly in Disney productions (Mickey is a talking mouse, but his dog Pluto is incapable of it) is also present in The Lion King, one of the only feature films of the studio to exclusively feature animals. . It would indeed seem that in Lions Land, and unlike most of the characters, some species – like the mouse captured by Scar at the start of the film or the wildebeest galloping in the parade – are unable to utter a single word.

Why didn’t Zazu denounce Scar?

Walt Disney Animation Studios

When Mufasa rushes to Simba’s rescue, Zazu also tries to get help, but is immediately stunned by Scar. Once the disaster has passed, after Mufasa’s death and Simba’s disappearance, the bird only had to open its beak to alert the lionesses and tell them about the regicide’s treachery. Why didn’t he say anything? Mystery.

Why didn’t Scar kill Simba himself?

Walt Disney Animation Studios

No doubt he didn’t want to get his paws dirty any more, and maybe that’s why he asked his hyenas to do the dirty work. But knowing the cruelty and ambition of Scar, it is still hard to imagine that he chose to entrust the last part of his plan to his stupid minions.

How could a lion cub become an adult by eating only insects?

Walt Disney Animation Studios

Knowing that a lion feeds exclusively on meat, this seems complicated to imagine. Even if the diet “a little sticky” of Timon and Pumbaa remains “appetizing” In Simba’s own words, one is entitled to wonder if the young lion, to reach its adult size, did not clandestinely violate the insectivorous regulations of his two friends.

Why didn’t Mufasa speak to Simba earlier?

Walt Disney Animation Studios

It was not until several years after his departure from the Land of Lions, when he had just found Nala and he was in the midst of a period of doubts about the fate he must fulfill, that Simba finally received a celestial visit. of his missing father. Why didn’t Mufasa appear to him right after his death, to reassure him and prepare him for his return from an early age? Why have you waited so many years to come forward to your son? The ways of Lion King are impenetrable.

Why don’t the lionesses devour Pumbaa when he arrives in Lions Land?

Walt Disney Animation Studios

Starved by years of famine and drought, one would have thought that the lionesses would immediately have jumped at the slightest opportunity to taste a good piece of meat. Seeing the warthog arrive alongside Simba at the end of the film, they seem to put their hunting instinct and their hunger aside, and do not even consider biting a shank. No doubt out of respect for the friendship that Pumbaa maintains with the heir to the throne.

Who started the drought and the rain?

Walt Disney Animation Studios

In the Land of Lions, the weather seems to follow the mood of the characters to the letter. During Scar’s reign, the sky darkens and drought sets in. During the …

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