The Last of Us : this DLC you will never play, it could have been huge

Naughty Dog confides in the projects they had imagined for the first The Last of Us and which have never materialized. One of them involves an expansion on a character that many fans would have liked to find out.

Series The Last of Us by HBO is a total hit. Audiences continue to skyrocket, as do game sales. In parallel with the broadcast of each episode, Neil Druckmann lends himself to the game of interviews and almost 10 years after the release of the first opus, the creator of the franchise confides in certain aspects cut from the original work. Starting with a DLC that many hoped for and which never saw the light of day.

A DLC cut from The Last of Us in the series

Tongues loosen. In an interview given to VarietyNeil Druckmann confided in some ideas that never saw the light of day in The Last of Us. Naughty Dog had indeed planned to show and tell the story of Anna, Ellie’s mother who never appears in the original episode of the saga. Digging through the teenager’s bag, players could only find a handwritten letter and the knife she left to her daughter. Still, fans could have learned more about him.

“I had written a short story after we released the game. should have been a small animated short, but it fell through and never saw the light of day “Explains the creator of the license. Later, it’s an extension dedicated to Ellie’s mother who was also in the cards, but it too was finally abandoned too, probably in favor of Left Behind. Druckmann obviously never forgot this idea and raised it with Craig Mazin, the showrunner from the Serie The Last of Us.

The pitch immediately seduced him and the duo looked into the subject in order to ” to give it to her in the most beautiful and poetic way possible. Anna will therefore be present in one of the episodes of the series and will be embodied by none other than Ashley Johnson, the original interpreter of Ellie. It should also shed some light on his relationship with Marlene and possibly even the Fireflies.

The Last of Us  Anna
Anna in the series The Last of Usplayed by Ashley Johnson

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