The Last of Us : the HBO series is good for video games

The Last of Us : the HBO series is good for video games

Series The Last of Us is a resounding success that benefits everyone.

Series The Last of Us attracts people

After only two episodes – available on Amazon Prime Video – the series The Last of Us is already making historic records and outperforming some of HBO’s flagship programs like Game of Thrones Where Euphoria. Episode 2, broadcast this Sunday, January 23, 2023, was viewed live by 5.7 million viewers. An increase of 22% compared to the first episode which has been watched by more than 18 million people to date.

Suffice to say that a season 2 is acquired even if nothing has been officially announced. We just know that it will cover the events of The Last of Us 2 during its season 2. Behind the scenes, the casting would have already taken place in part. Abby’s actress would already be known and seems ideal for the role, at least physically.

But no need to put the carts before the horse and let’s focus on the present. In addition to breaking records on HBO, the adaptation does a lot of good for the game of Naughty Dog. In the UK, sales of The Last of Us Part 1 have been revived by 238%, allowing the PS5 remake to make a comeback in the top 20 best-selling titles. Same thing for TLOU Remastered on PS4 which goes back to 32nd place in the English ranking with a peak of around 322%. Percentages that mean nothing without raw numbers, but the takeaway is that the synergy between the series The Last of Us HBO and the game works fine.

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