The Last of Us : the HBO series is already ahead Game of Thrones

The Last of Us : the HBO series is already ahead Game of Thrones

The launch of the series The Last of Us is imminent on HBO Max and it looks daunting. The chain has even more disproportionate ambitions than for Game of Thrones.

Series The Last of Us will be available on January 15 on HBO Max across the Atlantic and as with all adaptations, the fans of the first hour are worried. New information should nevertheless reassure them a little.

HBO spends lavishly on the series The Last of Us

We saw it with the last trailer, the series The Last of Us promises to be faithful to the universe created by Naughty Dog. Faithful, yes, but not without taking many liberties so as not to reproduce the errors of other adaptations. For example, we learned that violence would be less but for a good cause or that we should discover one of the game’s greatest secrets. only.

The magazine The New Yorker reveals to us that HBO has granted a simply colossal budget. A pharaonic envelope that exceeds 100 million dollars, more than that assigned to the first five seasons of Game of Thrones. But now, it is above all necessary that the result of this investment be seen on the screen and for us, poor French people, it looks complicated.

Where to see the TV adaptation of TLOU?

In France, no release date is yet known for the series The Last of Us. And for good reason, at the time of writing these lines, there is no distributor. Until then, HBO content was broadcast on Orange’s OCS platform, but the contract ended and all programs were canceled at the start of the year.

On Twitter, Warner Bros France splits with a simple “soon” which means everything and nothing, but in any case, we must forget the almost simultaneous retransmission. A rumor suggests that Amazon Prime Video could assume the interim while waiting for a more permanent solution, but it would not be for now given that the series The Last of Us is not listed in the January releases.

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