The Last of Us Remake: no collector in France, it’s confirmed. Will have to pay $400

Will Europe be entitled to a small collector’s edition stock of The Last of Us Part 1 or an alternative physical edition? Hint, you’ll have to go to eBay and spend a lot of money.

After long months of rumours, The Last of Us Remake has finally become official. This brand new version of the adventures of Joel and Ellie is expected for the month of September next with a collector’s edition Firefly. Many players wondered if it would really be exclusive to the United States and if Europe would have a substitute. We finally have an answer.

No collector in France for The Last of Us Remake

The ax fell. Faced with debates and questions from players about a possible announcement of a collector’s or special edition of The Last of Us Remake specific to Europe, we contacted PlayStation in order to have a definitive answer. No big surprise, the Firefly edition will be exclusively reserved for the United States. No need to hope for a special edition with a few goodies either. A representative of PS France confirmed to us that there will be nothing else for us.

French players will therefore have to turn to the standard edition or the Digital Deluxe Edition, which only includes a few digital bonuses. Once again, European collectors are left on the sidelines. This was already the case with the collector’s edition of The Last of Us 2, where the Ellie edition was exclusive to Americans. Sony had still offered a less copious version everywhere else, but this time there will be nothing else to put in your mouth.

The Last of Us  Collector's remake

But it’s available for $400, thank you scalpers

The only solution ? In theory go through PlayStation Direct US. Except that, the rest you know. The collector’s edition stock of The Last of Us Remake sold out in just a few minutes. And like nearly every popular video game product of recent years, the Precious has been the target of scalpersthose people who buy consoles and other objects en masse to resell them at exorbitant prices afterwards.

To hope to get your hands on the Firefly edition, you will therefore have to pay around $400 at least on eBay while its base price is $99.99. Unfortunately, some collectors are willing to shell out four times more than expected to get their hands on the exclusive steelbook and comics. The Last of Us American Dreams with a new cover. The platform has nevertheless put in place a reinforced policy against this kind of practice so there will be a little less. But again, it’s a jungle for honest players regardless of nationality.

Scalpers The Last of us Remake Firefly edition

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