The Last of Us Remake: here is the weight of the PS5 game, it weighs much heavier

Expected September 2, 2022, The Last of Us Remake has just revealed its weight and it will be much higher than TLOU Remastered on PS4. Start making space on your SSD and/or heating up your connection.

The Last of Us Remake will be back on PS5 and PC from September 2, 2022. And as we saw in a comparative video, it promises to be breathtaking. But this beauty has a price: that of increasing the weight of the game.

The Last of Us Remake almost doubles its weight

The final file of The Last of Us Remake will weigh in final version, probably without patch, around 79GB. That’s more than the 49GB of TLOU Remastered on PS4. An overweight which is explained by the technical improvements for a game that runs using the in-house engine of Naughty Dog, but in new-gen PS5 version. But that said, for a next-gen title, it’s still very reasonable.

Thanks to technical and material progress, we have been able to push the limits of visual fidelity and interactivity. We’ve modernized the gameplay, improved the controls, and added accessibility options to this single-player experience so that as many people as possible can enjoy it. Effects, exploration, and combat have also been improved. We harness the full power of PS5 with 3D audio, haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. Long-time fans and newcomers will have the opportunity to discover or rediscover The Last of Us Part I and its prologue, Left Behind, in a whole new way.

Joel and Ellie in the PS5 remake The Last of Us Part 1.

The gameplay of TLOU Part 1 should be modeled on that of The Last of Us 2. This was suggested by journalist Jason Schreier. And given the even more visceral side, the improved infiltration part, we are necessarily very curious to see the result.

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