The Last of Us Remake: a stunning comparative video

The Last of Us Remake: a stunning comparative video

If you were still wondering: yes The Last of Us Part 1 will be a remake and not a simple one remaster. Since the Summer Game Fest 2022 trailer seems not to have convinced everyone, Naughty Dog decided to dispel doubts with a comparative video of The Last of Us Remake.

New comparison of The Last of Us Remake

Yesterday, The Last of Us first of the name was blowing his 9e candle. On this occasion, the Dogs split a tweet to reveal a new comparison of TLOU Remake. An excerpt devoted solely to Tess, the central character of the plot played by Annie Wersching (Runaways). And the least we can say is that the video should dispel the doubts of those who still have them.

We see Joel’s accomplice transformed and more realistic than ever with emotions closer to the original acting. Clearly the visual quality and animations are different, it’s night and day. More than a graphic overhaul, The Last of Part 1 will also offer modernized gameplay, probably in the vein of TLOU 2, as well as improved controls, in particular thanks to the DualSense features. For those who would like a closer look at the differences with the original game, here is another comparison video from IGN which also shows improved environments, with more vegetation than before.

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