The Last of Us Part 1: the Firefly collector’s edition in France? It is precise!

The Last of Us Part 1: the Firefly collector's edition in France? It is precise!

Good news for French and European players, the collector’s edition of The Last of Us Part 1 should be available. Naughty Dog has communicated on this and promises details soon.

No collector in France then maybe if finally, The Last of Us Part 1 plays with the hearts of collectors who don’t just want a normal version of the game. As promised, Naughty Dog did the necessary with PlayStation and it smells good!

The Collector of The Last of Us Part 1 finally in France

After being asked by fans who asked for the release of the collector “Firefly Edition” in Europe, Naughty Dog, through the voice of co-chairman Neil Druckmann, had promised to act. In a new tweet, the Santa Monica-based studio says “European fans, we are working with our partners at Sony Interactive Entertainment and hope to be able to tell you more about what we can offer soon”.

It is not a frank and massive yes, but it is difficult to see the release of a collector’s edition at a discount. But you never know, you may have a (bad) surprise. Either way, it’s really this edition you’re interested in, it might be best to put your current pre-order on hold.

The Firefly edition of The Last of Us Part 1 contains the game, a steelbook, the American Dream comics 1 to 4 as well as in-game items. In the United States, it was quickly sold out, but the Dogs plan to put it back on sale there on launch day, via the PlayStation store.

Across the Atlantic, a lucky guy already has it in his hands and here’s what it looks like:

Lately, the PS5 remake of The Last of Us has its plethora of accessibility options.

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