The Last of Us Part 1: a much too naughty launch trailer

The Last of Us Part 1: a much too naughty launch trailer

Ahead of its release in the coming days, The Last of Us Part 1 gratifies us with its launch trailer. A clearly action-oriented trailer.

The Last of Us Part 1 arrives on September 2 on PS5, and shifted to an unknown date on PC, but it is already the victim of a huge leak with a few surprises. And as usual, it’s time to promote the release one last time with the essential launch trailer.

The launch trailer for The Last of Us Part 1 available

For this latest trailer, The Last of Us Part 1 is playing it. If it is true that the confrontations are a part of the game, whether they are direct fights or more diverted with infiltration, the video really opts for a relatively nag editing which puts aside all the dimension on the relationship between the characters . Enough to drain a new audience not yet receptive to the title of Naughty Dog until now ?

Anyway, this PS5 remake, visually very different, will be identical to the original work released on PS3. And came out some time later on PS4 via a remaster.

Contrary to what had been said, there will obviously be no new gameplay. The changes are above all related to the graphics and to the standardization with The Last of Us 2. The garish colors of the sets have been abandoned, and the model of Ellie corresponds more to that of the suite, but younger.

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