The Last of Us Factions: the free multiplayer game with lots of microtransactions?

The Last of Us Factions, the standalone multiplayer game from Naughty Dog takes, unsurprisingly, the service game route. The free-to-play model with microtransactions is confirmed.

Despite the critical and commercial triumph of its TLOU games, Naughty Dog takes its time to develop The Last of Us Factions, multiplayer mode. In the meantime, players continue to watch for the slightest bit of information, and a new job offer confirms what many had already guessed.

The multi of The Last of Us free on release

Sony has an overflowing appetite for game-service. The Japanese firm plans to release two new GaaS by March 31, 2023, three the following year and four the following year. She does not hesitate to invest with all her might to achieve her ambitions, and one of the headliners of this new spearhead will be the famous The Last of Us factions. The multiplayer mode is expected potentially for next year, at which time Naughty Dog intends to give news. However, information confirms that the multiplayer TLOU will indeed be a free-to-play with simultaneous release on PS5 and PC.

A news job offer for a producer position “Live Ops” is indeed looking for a profile capable of ensuring the launch of a AAA multiplayer game with this economic model. This isn’t the first time the studio has suggested that The Last of Us Factions will be free when it comes out, and it’s even less of a surprise now that Sony is openly displaying its ambitions. Microtransactions will be present in the multiplayer, it remains to be seen what form they will take.

multi The Last of Us factions
Concept art of The Last of Us factions

A news that already worries some players who particularly liked the multiplayer mode of The Last of Us at its output. Some fear that the basic concept and gameplay will be alternated, others a pay-to-win economic model as is currently the case with TLOU Remastered. All you have to do is wait a few short months to get to the bottom of it. The stolen videos that had leaked at the same time as The Last of Us 2, however, displayed very similar mechanics to the original gameplay. Wait and see as they say.

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