The Last of Us : Escape the Dark, a game like no other

new content The Last of Us is announced but it is not a video game. The product remains 100% official and validated by its creators.

In addition to being adapted into a TV series, The Last of Us will have the honor of having the right to a board game adaptation. Who could have believed it? It is in any case validated by Naughty Dog and here is the first information about it.

The Last of US as never seen before

The board game The Last of US is made in partnership with Themeborne, which we know for being behind Escape the Dark. Castle. The box for the adaptation of the video game also uses the famous color code in black and white as you can see in the single image below:

The Last of Us  in a board game.

For the occasion, a Kickstarter campaign will be on the way on November 8th and we will be able to find out more at that time about how it works with why not new visuals.

For more on this fascinating take on Joel and Ellie’s adventure, look forward to TLOU: Escape the Dark’s Kickstarter campaign, which goes live November 8 and will give fans not only a deeper look at the game, but also the chance to get your hands on an exclusive collector’s edition of the game. We hope you check it out and be as excited as we are about what the Themeborne team has in store for you.

Themeborne’s games are known for including some very nice black and white illustrated maps. The goal is often to overcome challenges and solve puzzles. Only a few more days to wait to see more.

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