The Last of Us 2: Bella Ramsey replaces Ellie in the game, the video

The Last of Us 2: Bella Ramsey replaces Ellie in the game, the video

Bella Ramsey, aka Ellie in the upcoming HBO TV series, has been integrated into the game The Last of Us 2. A rather stunning or catastrophic result?

A modder decided to replace Ellie’s model in The Last of Us 2 per Bella Ramseythe actress who plays the character in the TLOU HBO series.

Bella Ramsey now stars in The Last of Us 2

For a long time now, modders have had fun revisiting certain games by changing the character models. Lately, we had Henry Cavill (The Witcher) in Skyrim, for a pretty impressive result, but other times it’s a little less convincing. The mod Bella Ramsey in The Last of Us 2 should rather be placed in the second category.

We owe this modification to Alejandro Bielsa, character technical artist on the Fable reboot, who is aware of the limits of his work. Indeed, the mod is not the most successful because the developer could not alter the expressions and it therefore lacks naturalness. Alejandro Bielsa, however, did this with love and wanted to share it with the world.

We’re just fans having fun with a game they love, and we’re aware that the rendering is weird here and there. However, it is a mod that has been made with care, love and respect for Naughty Dog (and external studios that contributed development), and Bella. So we still wanted to release it.

Via PSU.

Bella Ramsey will never be in The Last of Us Part II officially, but we will find it next January 15 (across the Atlantic) in the series The Last of Us. An adaptation that is already raging for a difference with the game even before its broadcast, and which would have just unveiled its new monsters.

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