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Jean-Claude Van Damme, always where we least expect him, is making his comeback in France with an action comedy signed David Charhon for Netflix.

What is it about ?

Richard Brumère known as “La brume” a true legend of the secret services, disappeared for years, is back in France. The immunity he negotiated twenty-five years ago for his hidden son, Archibald, is strangely lifted. To save him from a mafia operation of which he is innocent but which could cost him his life, La Brume will have to reactivate his somewhat aging contacts, team up with a gang of more or less reckless young people, confront a zealous bureaucrat, manage the father-son relationship new to him, but above all finding the courage to reveal to Archibald that he is his father.

The Last Mercenary, directed by David Charhon. With Jean-Claude Van Damme, Alban Ivanov, Djimo, Assa Sylla, Samir Decazza …

JCVD in wigs

Jean-Claude Van Damme has not lost any flexibility and still lifts his leg so high to send his foot in the face of his opponents. But his role as a legend of the secret services is accompanied by accessories that are surprising to say the least. Wigs. To go incognito to the four corners of the planet, Richard uses and abuses wigs of all lengths and colors. Fetishism?

David Charhon did not hesitate to use this kind of artifice to introduce Jean-Claude Van Damme – legend of martial arts films – into his world of action comedy. If Jean-Claude Van Damme knows how to practice self-mockery, pure comedy is not part of his favorite register. He thus willingly lends himself to the pranks of his director.

Aloïs Maillet / Netflix

Meeting the third kick

The whole film is about the improbable meeting between two worlds that should never have collided. On the one hand, Richard Brumère leads the life of a lone wolf, tireless and always ready to lead the most perilous missions. The other ? A small bunch of young people, including his son Archibald, who are not really badass and a very picky civil servant played by Alban Ivanov.

They are all forced to team up to foil the plot of which Archibald is the victim. How are they all doing together? Taken individually, the characters all have a little something that makes them endearing. However, it lacks a symbiosis, a group effect that makes everything believable.

Aloïs Maillet / Netflix

Unexpected guests

The real surprise of this film is on the side of the guests. To start with Miou-Miou who plays a former contact of Brumère which he reactivates to save his son. We can guess the amusement of David Charhon in confronting two icons that have nothing to do with each other.

More in line with our expectations, the participations of Patrick Timsit – sworn enemy of Brumère – and Eric Judor as a rude civil servant still have some surprises in store. If the film does not have the arguments to win the unanimity of all spectators, it at least knows how to play on the nostalgic fiber of those who revered JCVD ​​during their youth.

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