The Knights of the Zodiac: the live film unveiled and … it’s the catamaran

The Knights of the Zodiac: the live film unveiled and ... it's the catamaran

Sorry if this news breaks your fan heart, but the live adaptation of The Knights of the Zodiac seems… special. It’s the least we can say, as evidenced by the first images that were unveiled during a making-off in a select committee.

An adaptation that is painful to see?

Despite its quality cast, which is notably made up of madison iseman (as Athena), Mackenyu Arata in the role of the Pegasus Knight, Sean Bean in the role of Mitsumasa Kido and renowned actors like Marc Dacascos, the adaptation of The Knights of the Zodiac does not seem to excite the crowds according to the first returns. The video below speaks for itself:

Knights of the Zodiac version Wish?

In addition to the video (it is after all only a making off) the fans point out many scriptwriting inconsistencies. The lack of epic also seems flagrant with the total absence of armor and the only presence of “civilian outfits” for the protagonists. Ironically, some are already talking about a “Dragon Ball Evolution” effect for Knights of the Zodiac fans. “Soft” fights, car chases, simplistic costumes… Social networks denounce a certain lack of inspiration.

A Twitter user and fan of the license even made a thread to do a detailed analysis of all this. We find there in particular the scriptwriting problems:

So obviously it’s better to wait for a real trailer to get an idea but it still seems rather inglorious in terms of adaptation. “Let the product have a chance“as the other would say.

What do you think of this very first video for the Saint Seiya live adaptation? Tell us within comments.

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