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Before running it in “The Greatest Showman”, broadcast this Tuesday night on C8, Michael Gracey had already made Hugh Jackman dance in a twirling pub for a drink!

In the feature film The Greatest Showman, broadcast this Tuesday evening on C8, Hugh Jackman lends his features to the eccentric entrepreneur PT Barnum, considered one of the inventors of the modern circus. A very dancing role which allows him to find himself again in front of the camera of his compatriot Michael Gracey, a few years after an advertisement extolling the merits of a drink.

The advertisement in question features Hugh Jackman in a hotel lobby. Obviously being quite bored while browsing a magazine (of which he is on the cover!), The Australian drinks a sip of Lipton Ice Tea then, transcended by the drink, suddenly starts dancing in all the rooms of the establishment.

This euphoric spot, which immediately gives a smile and makes you stomp your foot, can be found in the player below.

“On this commercial I told Michael we should make a movie“, says Hugh Jackman at the microphone of DashFUN. “He said” That’s it, Jackman … “Me:” What? Don’t you want to make a movie with me? “Him:” No, but all the actors say that, and nothing ever happens afterwards … “Two weeks later, I sent him the script for The Greatest Showman!” (laughs)

Discover in the player at the top of the page the FunFacts of Hugh Jackman, which evokes this flirtatious advertisement but also his love for Olivia Newton-John, the killer Jason, his (bad) experience as a clown, a wrestling fight and the fact that his wife … didn’t want him to play Wolverine!

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