The French Twitch explodes all records with the France-Spain match

The French Twitch explodes all records with the France-Spain match

Amine and a good part of the stars of the French Twitch exploded the records of the platform during the France-Spain match between videographers.

It was THE big event of the French Twitch game this weekend, the Eleven All Stars between France and Spain has made it possible to establish new audience records that are quite incredible.

Victory for France before the World Cup in Qatar, thank you Amine

The streamer Amine and a whole group of friends, including Billy, Inoxtag, Michou, Yass, Lebouseuh or even Alonz and Tonton, all presented by the indestructible Doigby who is definitely present everywhere. In total, fifteen internet stars faced off against their Spanish counterparts in a football match supposed to follow up on the Pixel War, a community event that unleashed the crowds last April. In the end, after more than 90 minutes of the match, France won 2-0 against Spain. And what a game!
Social networks will long remember Sacha’s sublime goal and his dive worthy of the greatest (ok, we’re exaggerating, but that’s class).

The match explodes records on Twitch

An extraordinary event. And if the budding footballers were all amateurs, the production clearly played the game to broadcast the match on Twitch as in the official circuit. Commentators, official referees, cameramen, plans… Everything was there. As a result, the audience on Twitch literally exploded the counters with a peak recorded at more than 1.1 million viewers (not counting spectators on site).

A new record that tops the previous one held by Squeezie and his GP Explorer, another major event of this year. Now, the top three are Amine’s Eleven All Stars with more than 1.1 million viewers, Squeezie’s GP Explorer and its big millions and Zerator’s ZEvent 2021 with a peak of more than 700,000.

We are far from the record of the Spaniard Ibai (by the way coach of Spain on the Amine event) and his 3.3 million viewers during his boxing event between streamers, but the French Twitch is starting in earnest to stick to the coattails of the biggest records. In any case, the successful events made in France follow one another and are always more and more impressive. Good job guys. Now we are waiting for the return match in Spain.

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