The Flash: Supergirl unveils her costume on the set


Maximilien Pierrette

Cinema journalist

Batman or Flash. The new Spider-Man reboot. Marginalized X-Men. The evolution of the character of Captain America. The intricate architecture of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Indie attempts. Superheroes on the big and small screen hold no secrets for him. Or almost.

Played by Sasha Calle, Supergirl will make her debut in the DC cinematic universe initiated by “Man of Steel” thanks to “The Flash”. And shooting photos allow us to discover the costume of the superheroine.


After several years of postponements and other false starts, the solo film dedicated to Flash is finally in production, with a release scheduled for November 2, 2022 on our screens. And the fastest man in the world will not be alone, since other superheroes are planned in the credits.

Almost thirty after his last adventure in the Batman costume, in front of Tim Burton’s camera, Michael Keaton will indeed return to the role of Batman, while Ben Affleck should appear at the beginning of the story. But Barry Allen, still played by Ezra Miller, will also have a reinforcement from Krypton in the person of Supergirl, whose director Andy Muschietti has unveiled the logo and part of the costume.

And while many wondered what the outfit Sasha Calle would wear in the feature film, the internet took it upon themselves to answer the question with a handful of photos taken on set. The actress seems ready to fly there using cables.

Even in the logo, this costume is similar to the one worn by Superman Henry Cavill in Man of Steel, and the cape will, as often, be added in post-production. But there’s a very good chance that Sasha Calle’s outfit is inspired by this version of the comic books.

DC Comics

If the synopsis has not yet been officially released, it should be about multiverses, alternate realities and time travel in which The Flash turns its world upside down, as in the comic book. “Flashpoint” released in 2011. But we may have to wait for a teaser to find out.

Flash is currently in the “Justice League” cut by Zack Snyder on OCS:

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