The Flash: filming interrupted after an accident with Batman’s motorcycle


Following a collision involving Batman’s motorcycle, between a cameraman and an understudy, the filming of “The Flash” was interrupted. The injured was immediately taken care of by the emergency services and his life is not in danger.

Warner Bros. Pictures

Accident on the Scottish set of The Flash! While on a motorbike himself to film Batman from behind in what appeared to be a chase scene, a cameraman struck the vehicle Ben Affleck’s liner was standing on and the BatCyle fell on him. , according to Glasgow Live.

Also according to the media, an ambulance was immediately dispatched to the scene and the injured was taken care of by following a protocol, before being taken to hospital. But his days are not in danger and his injuries are said to be minor, according to the spokesperson for Warner interviewed by People.

Filming should logically resume shortly, still under the direction of Andy Muschietti (It). Expected on November 2, 2022 in our theaters, The Flash features Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) facing two versions of Batman: that of Ben affleck, but also that of Michael Keaton, who takes over the role he played in Tim Burton.

If the synopsis has not been officially released, the hero would be projected into an alternate reality, and the feature film would put a little more forward the notion of multiverse, recently mentioned in the new assembly of Justice League, visible on OCS.

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