The Flash: Carlos Valdes (Cisco) explains the reasons for his departure after 7 seasons


Carlos Valdes, who played Cisco for almost 7 seasons in “The Flash”, returned during an interview on the reasons for his departure from the series.

Jeff Weddell / The CW

Last May, The CW announced the departure of Carlos Valdes (Cisco Ramone) and Tom Cavanagh (Harrison Wells) from the DC Comics The Flash series after 7 seasons of loyal service.

If Cavanagh is expected to make an appearance later in the season, the character of Valdes will bid farewell to Barry, Caitlin and the others this Tuesday, June 8 in the United States. In episode 12, Cisco and his lover Kamilla (Victoria Park) will indeed announce their decision to start the next chapter of their life far from Central City.

If this announcement had the effect of a bomb, the actor told the American site TV Line that he was thinking about his character’s departure since season 4. “Around season 4, I started to wonder what my character’s release might look like.

This seed was still there, but it didn’t really start to germinate until much later. At the end of Season 5, I started to get more comfortable with the idea of ​​’Oh, I think there’s a good way to end this chapter.’

Carlos Valdes had been part of the cast of The Flash since its launch in 2014, as Cisco Ramone, a young scientist from STAR Labs who soon became friends with Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) and helped him become The Flash. His character often served as technical support for the superhero’s team, a role to be filled by Chester Runk (Brandon McKnight), who joined the series in Season 6.

The actor, however, clarified that Cisco’s last moments would not be dramatic. “I am truly grateful that Eric Wallace (showrunner on the series, editor’s note) and the writers chose this path for my departure from the series“, did he declare. “It’s a very fun, very wacky start with few stakes. “

Season 7 of The Flash will end on Tuesday, June 15 in the United States. Season 8 has already been ordered and will begin with 5 exceptional crossover episodes.

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