The Flash 2: Warner prepares the sequel as Ezra Miller faces prison

The Flash 2: Warner prepares the sequel as Ezra Miller faces prison

The Flash 2 seems to be already in preparation while the first film is not even available yet and that Ezra Miller has not yet been judged by American justice.

Decidedly, things go quickly with The Flash. Thus a sequel would be in preparation while the first film should not be released before 2023 and that the main actor Ezra Miller is still on trial. We will explain everything to you.

The Flash 2 in preparation

According The Hollywood ReporterFollowing The Flash was written by the screenwriter ofAquamannamely David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick who we also know for having worked on the film Conjuring 2. The Flash 2 would have been worked on in the event the first movie was a theatrical hit when it was released on June 23, 2023.

The situation seems quite crazy in the sense that the main actor and interpreter of the superhero is currently on trial before the American courts. Because yes the man is not all white. In 2020 a video of him shows him assaulting a woman in a bar in Iceland. In 2022 he was arrested by the police a dozen times for misconduct and assault in Hawaii. Finally on August 7, 2022 the police arrested Miller for a burglary which took place on May 1 of the same year in the state of Vermont. In short, a more than complicated situation for the young actor and we do not yet know what the trial that is currently taking place will bring.

On trial, yes, but…

As a reminder, the actor simply risks prison and if that were to happen, we suspect that Warner’s plans would be completely turned upside down for The Flash. The latest in Warner/Miller reports, the comedian recently returned to the set of The Flash to return scenes, what is commonly called reshoots in the jargon.

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