The Fallout series distances itself from Bethesda games

The Fallout series distances itself from Bethesda games

If the Fallout series will have its share of loyalty, do not count on it to strictly respect what has been done. The Prime Video show will clearly take liberties.

What to expect from the Fallout series? We will find game elements, but from a scriptwriting point of view, do not expect to have a pure and hard adaptation of one or more episode(s).

The Fallout series will tell an original story

Unlike the HBO adaptation of The Last of Usseries fallout will really deviate from Bethesda’s games. No question of taking over an existing plot, creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy (Westworld), as well as executive producer Todd Howard and Bethesda, will start from a nearly blank slate.

In a Lex Fridman podcast, Todd Howard said the Prime Video show will tell an original story. It will of course fit into the universe of the license, with nods to the games, but it will not be a repeat of the games. From then on, newcomers will be able to jump on the bandwagon without being lost.

We decided to tell a story that fits into the world we’ve built, that doesn’t break any of the rules of that universe, that may reference elements from the games, but that isn’t a repeat of these latter. It is a plot that exists in the same world and which, due to its uniqueness, allows it to be enriched. Also, people who haven’t played the games, and may not know how cool Fallout is, can watch the series.

The first images have indeed revealed a faithful series in terms of sets, equipment, etc. but will therefore be able to trace its own path. While waiting for a trailer, which may take some time to arrive, an official photo from the Fallout series has been released.

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