The Elder Scrolls 6: the release date is known, but we will have to wait

Barely teased at E3 2018, The Elder Scrolls 6 is now one of those highly anticipated titles that we know absolutely nothing about

Except that it should be less ambitious than expected. But that does not mean that internally, nothing is happening. Quite the contrary, even since The Elder Scrolls 6 would already have a release date set in the calendar.

The Elder Scrolls 6 does have a date, but we won’t have it!

This is in any case what the documents of the British CMA reveal, or almost. Mentioned in the endless file of the takeover of Activision by Microsoft, The Elder Scrolls 6 tells us that it is indeed dated. Bad luck for us, this famous date is still kept secret at the present time.

The Elder Scrolls 6 release date

It’s no wonder that it’s not made public at the moment since development shouldn’t be that far along at the moment. The date transmitted to the regulatory authorities acts more here as a placeholder for the paperwork. For the moment therefore, apart from a few chosen ones, no one can really give a precise exit window. Fans already know that Bethesda likes to take its time, and anyway, the box already has a lot of projects in the works like Starfield or even Redfall.

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