The Division Heartland: Ubisoft’s free game offers gameplay

The Division Heartland: Ubisoft's free game offers gameplay

Ubisoft is in the process of building a catalog of free to play games based on new franchises but also on licenses that are already well established. As with Tom Clancy’s The Division Heartland which benefits from its first presentation.

The first steps of The Division Heartland in video

The stand alone free to play game The Division Heartland finally gives its news. Developed at the premises of Red Storm Entertainment, a studio that has contributed to the series since The Division, this free installment is canon to the franchise. It will introduce new characters, new storylines and provide a brand new and familiar experience at the same time.

This installment is a survival-focused multiplayer title set in Silver Creek. The player will have to protect the town from enemy factions, renegades and deadly epidemic.

Once a peaceful town in the American Midwest, Silver Creek was completely abandoned after the green poison epidemic. Players will play as loyal Division agents spread across the country who respond to a call for help. Fighting alongside or against other trained Division agents, players will explore the secrets of Silver Creek and bring hope to what remains of this small American town.

In this first video, the experience does indeed look faithful, although the visuals look a lot less accomplished. Red Storm however announces the color. They will be listening to the community and will incorporate player feedback as they come. To register for the closed tests, it will happen at this address.

The Division Heartland will be available in 2022/2023 on consoles, PC and cloud platforms (Amazon Luna/Stadia).

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