The Division Heartland: the leaked free game, the gameplay video

The Division Heartland: the leaked free game, the gameplay video

Tom Clancy’s The Division Heartland, Ubisoft’s free to play, is the victim of a major leak. Here’s a long gameplay video from the closed beta.

After the leaks around Assassin’s Creed Mirage, it’s the next The Division Heartland that finds itself on the media scene despite itself.

The gameplay of The Division Heartland leaked on the Web

Tom Clancy’s The Division Heartland will be a free game with the same ambitions as its premium counterparts. Moreover, it will be a canon opus which will have to implement new characters and new plots through CGI cutscenes.

Without going into details, Ubisoft promises a “new and familiar experience at the same time”. And the first gameplay extracts on the run are indeed in line with what we have known. Looting, improving weapons, selling equipment and buying cosmetics to survive and extract yourself from the Silver Creek map is what this forty-minute video offers us.

Once a peaceful town in the American Midwest, Silver Creek was completely abandoned after the green poison epidemic. Players will play as loyal Division agents spread across the country who respond to a call for help. Fighting alongside or against other trained Division agents, players will explore the secrets of Silver Creek and bring hope to what remains of this small American town.

The quality of the video is more than questionable, but for lack of anything better…

According to Tom Henderson (via Insider Gaming), The Division Heartland would offer games with 45 players. The game is expected for 2023 on consoles, PC and via the cloud (Amazon Luna). Knowing that Stadia is dead, there is no point in waiting for this version.

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